OP3 provides fundraising consulting & event production services.
Our company name comes from the three words that best convey both our capabilities and our professional approach

OP3 has raised over $460 million as a direct result of our fundraising consulting services.  These funds have been raised by working directly with more than 267,000 individuals who signed up for our clients’ fundraising events.

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The OP3 Leadership Team comprises individuals groomed in corporate environments.  We learned the disciplines, best practices, ethics, integrity, and the meaning of ”sticking to the budget” and decided, one by one, that it was time to transition our skill sets over to something more worthwhile and personally satisfying.

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What good is a brilliant event concept without impeccable execution? OP3’s production team takes direct, hands-on responsibility for executing the entire event, including all the necessary operational, management, production, and logistical components.

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